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Hi Hal
I hope this works and you should see the Popham.

The Popham

Tag: Fine Silver Tinsel
Tail: Golden Pheasant crest and Indian Crow
Butt: Black herl
Body: In equal sections: first orange, then yellow, then pale blue floss silk. The first and second sections are butted with black herl and veiled above and below with Indian crow.
Ribbing: The first two sections are ribbed with oval gold and the last with oval silver
Throat Hackle: Jay or guinea fowl
Wings: Tippets in strands, then a married wing comprising, bustard, florican bustard, peacock wing, scarlet, blue, orange and yellow swan, golden pheasant tail and peacock sword over.
Sides: Barred summer duck. Horns: Blue and yellow macaw.

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