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I thiink I'll probably get some flack for this. But without a doubt Ii'd haave to say my favorite fish wouuld be a chum (dog) salmon. Don't get me wrong, i love all the other salmonoid species. But they have the best oof al of them. They have the sheer brute strenght of a king, the acrobatics of a silver, and th running power of a steelhead. All wrapped up in a wicked looking package. I've caught many fish iin my llife, but I never ever grimace or commplain about hitting a dog. Probably because Iilove to fish and have th fight. I love to eat fish, bu I'm not focused on keeping al thta I get (I landed a couuple oon friday that sme guys were keeping that were way too mushy to even smoke that I released that most of h other guys were keping).
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