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Juro, yes have heard of the Cowlitz and its crowds and fish. Elway also, but did not realize it was in such a bad shape due to the dams. In ways I am glad I donot live in the PNW seeing the ways they have neglected these great natural resources for future generations. I can't see why more people cannot accept no kill fisheries through out the U.S. and the preservation of wild fish. I guess we are the minority. Getting some great links from this site, to gain further knowledge on the PNW fisheries. Have to do your research before fishing unknown rivers and the web has certainly helped all of us in that way. The Ruddick fly shop in Vancouver pointed me to the Vedder thinking that would be the river with the most fish and easiest for me to access and fly fish. Really wanted to go to the Squamish but trying to drive that 2 lane road north out of Vancouver to it, in a snow and ice storm in a rental car changed my mind. Saw several cars into the rock walls, and said to much risk here for me, BC steelhead chance or not. Turned around, went back to Vancouver, and went skiing instead. Next weekend went to the Vedder for two days in another snow storm
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