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Thanks for the current insight on the PNW wild steelhead fishery and I agree with all of your comments. I can see you are very knowledgeable on this. When I fish the PNW again, it will not matter if I catch many fish. Just fishing those rivers and experiencing them after reading about them all of these years will be enough. By the way I have not kept a steelhead since the mid 1980's. Learning fly fishing on the first US no kill trout river (NYS - Beaverkill) in the 1960's instilled in me the catch and release ethics a long time ago. Hope the PNW state governments understand the issues at stake and act accordingly. Many more blue ribbon trout and salmon rivers through out the world need to be no kill in my opinion to save these wild resources for future generations. By the way is that 16K steelhead river the Chiliwack/Vedder in BC ? I fished there while on business in Vancouver in 1985. Not a bad river but I don't think I saw another fly fisher all day. Lots of Silex spin and float fisherman. Had a BC game warden which checked me for proper license and equipment 2 or 3 times that day. I was impressed, fished Michigan for 20 years and been checked twice for license and proper fly equipment. Not enough by any means with all of the other illegal fishing going on in that states blue ribbon trout and salmon streams. The illegal fishing really sickened me to the point where I don't even bother for the salmon any more. Just trout and steelhead and some stream smallmouth bass on the fly rod these days in Mid West.

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