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Yes I know where you were in Muskegon harbor. Lake Michigan is about 90 miles across to the Illinois side from Muskegon. It is almost 400 miles long. They call it a lake but beleive me it is a fresh water ocean. Lake superior is larger. You were about 90 minutes from the PM and 45 minutes from the good fly fishing areas on the Muskegon river. From Grand Rapids north the good trout, salmon, and steelhead fishing starts in Michigan From those piers and breakwaters you saw they have some really hot fishing for steelhead and salmon in the spring and fall. Mostly spin fishing though with spoons. Fly fishing is difficult but possible I guess from the piers and beaches.

Give Michigan a try some time. The rivers there are never no closed due to low returns of fish like what has been happening on the west coast lately. How will I ever plan a steelhead trip out there when you don't know if it will be open or not when you plan to be there ? Have always wanted to fish the Skagit/Sauk, North Fork Stilly, or Olympic Pennisula, Sol Duc, etc.. Will get there soon, hope there are still fish there.
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