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If its possible, try a sink tip or full sink line. Throwing a floater into the wind has more air resistance than any other lines. The cross sectional area of the line has to be increased to lessen the density of the line to float.

Keeping the cast as low as possible to the waters' surface might help as well. You'd be surprised what a few feet of air height can make as far as wind speed is concerned. Sometimes you might get a little lift from air currents playing with the surface waves. Usually on the salt, I never try to take the wind head on. This quickly balloons the line and fly. Usually I try to make the cast at 15 degrees from the perpendicular.

One over looked area is fly design. Some larger flies can indeed be cast better than others. Try some synthetic materials like angel hair that cling when wet, but expand greatly in the water. Any material that will cling and expand tied in the high tie fashion for a larger profile will work.

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