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The proper comparison would be species in their own oceans IMHO it's not a good practice to alllow strains from one side to intermingle with the other particularly if native strains are at risk.

That being said, my experience with big salmon is more on the side of the chinook / coho / sockeye / chum / pink than with the atlantic salmon but I plan to add a much deeper knowledge of salar in the years to come. I've a better understanding and appreciation for the pacific steelhead than any of these.

From the few A/S that I have tangled with I respect and admire the atlantics' surface oriented ways and leaping skills but each fish has it's own personality and there are steelhead that will defy any fish's abilities pound for pound just as there are chinook that jump and run on the surface while others sound and run around in the depths. Coho are consistent lightning leapers (did you catch the video clip?) and chum salmon are freight trains that break more flyrods than any other species when they are in the river. I would say that the pink is the least battle-worthy of the lot and from what I have seen of seatrout in Northern Europe and Tierra Del Fuego they rank in the fore runners of the sea run species. Another area I want to broaden in my list of experiences.

For me, it's not the comparison per se - it's about each's merits. They will all take drag in a serious way when fresh.

Good luck exploring the world of sea-run species. For me they are the perfect balance of force and finesse on a fly.
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