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I know exactly what you mean. I smetimes will use the Bimini when fishing from a boat in deep water or big rips. I had to see someone actually do it before I could. Stand still directions are no good. The difficulty is getting the second wrap over the twists.I don't think I can explain it but I will try. After the 20 or so twists are made I put the the loop under my foot(not the knee as some directions can slip), or on a door knob. I put the long end in my teeth and the standing end in my right thumb and forfinger at the so called 90 degree angle. I put tension on the line, keeping it tight between my teeth and foot and put my left forefinger at the botton on the twists. I start to pull up or compress the twists... from a foot or two up to about 2 inches.. when you can not compress anymore I slowly let go... very slow but with pressure as well on the standing end in my right hand... as you do that... and practice ...the second twists will "automatically" wrap around the first twists ...covering all of the first twists... then you finish the knot as discribed above.. the key is to keep all ends tight. I am sure this did not help. But once you get one or two second twists over the first twist... you will see the"feel". You may have to slightly increase or decrease the pressure in both hands as they SOLWLY wrap around to get tight rolls as they move up. At first you will not get tight rolls but you will start to get the "feel" you need to do it right. Good luck and ask someone to actually show you.

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