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Tactics for Low and Clear

Low clear water conditions like we've been experiencing much of this winter/spring on Western Washington's rivers make steelhead flyfishing especially tough. The fish become dour and hide when there's even a hint of sun on the water.

There are many tried and true techniques for dealing with these conditions. Smaller darker flies, fishing the riffles and broken water, and getting up at 0-dark-30 to be on the water before the sun hits are the usual ones. One of my own favorites is to seek out water where I'm confident that any fish holding there will have remained undisturbed. It's always great to find unmolested steelhead, but under low-water conditions I've found it's even more important.

Any other ideas? It looks like we might be dealing with low-water conditions for the 1st half of the C&R season, so I think we'd all benefit from hearing each other's ideas.
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