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When tying, I never seem to tie just a few flies. Always tie at least a dozen or more. Because I production tie, speed and efficiency are important. For that reason a neat working area is required. Hate to waste time looking, moving, and untying materials. The only materials I have at hand are the specific materials needed for that one pattern and no others.

Most of my materials are stored in shoe box size Rubbermaid containers. All are sealed in individualize plastic zip bags. This double closing technique is very important for organic feathers, necks, peacock swords, etc. Like Juro said, Never use moth balls. Never leave feathers out for any prolong time or else they will get infested with eggs. Lastly to get at my selections of colors for each material, I use one of those large "Z" style paper clips you would use to secure large amounts of paper.

Have many different hides and dyes I use for dubbing material. To remember which is which,( and its hard some time), I use a marker pen on the hide side to label each one. Example: Muskrat, dk brn. You'd be surprise how many times you order dubing, take it out of the package and don't remember what is is?

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