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I have fished Acklins a number of times including Salina Point a couple of times and do not have much to add on it that has not already been said. I really enjoy the fishing experience there. With the boat ride you can get to some of the best flats on Acklins in a short amount of time. Felton can also arrange for a guide.

That being said and considering what you are looking for I would consider Greys Point. It is located high on a hill over looking a beautiful bay. A great place to sit and read. Kayaks and a canoe are provided and you can kayak the bay and not lose sight of the lodge. There is also excellent fishing in the bay for DIY or guided fishing. They have some of the best guides on the island and will fish the Lovely Bay area as well as the bay the lodge is on. Also the Newtons are excellent hosts and the food is as good as anywhere on the island.

Acklins is a beautiful wild place but any place you stay on Acklins you will not be located on a beautiful sandy beach. Be prepared to use insect repellent when not on the water.

My 2 cents.
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