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Beach Betty,
Some years ago I stayed with Fedel (two trips) near Lovely Bay at the north end of Acklins. He was a very good guide I thought, from my limited experience. Accommodations and meals were quite adequate. Trips were in March I think - maybe not the best time of year.
Also stayed once with Felton at Salina Point - the first year it was open for business. That was mostly unguided DIY fishing where we were taken by boat to various spots. Without a guide my catch rate was significantly less. Meals and accommodations were fine.
The main road running the length of the island was littered with potholes, but I think that has been since improved. The road into Feltonís place was close to impassable but that may have been improved also. Felton may have kayaks available for use. At either location there is little to do but the fishing.
Things may have changed since my trips. All excursions to Acklins have been enjoyable - except maybe for the bug bites from tiny sand fleas or something.
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