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Boat goes on the hard tomorrow and we will be back in states soon. A lot harder putting boat on hard in tropics than for winter back in states. Two weeks of hard work in temps of 95 and 90% humidity. Loose weight though!

Next year here we will fly fish a lot more as I'm starting to get how it works on the flats and the jungle rivers. Tarpon are big in rivers really big but I don't dare fish for them in the inflatable because of 4 meter long crocks. Ya got to keep the inflatable moving in those rivers or else.

Coming back from San Blas Islands under sail and in less than 6 meters of water caught and release a beautiful sail fish on the hand line we troll behind the boat. That was a shock. We seem to be hell bent on bill fish this year when we only want food, I don't have room in my freezer for 200 pounds of marlin.


Steve and Tracy
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