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If you can't get arctic fox, tie a few flies with marabou wings - the extra mobility can work wonders sometimes. Fly fur is great and Juro's suggestion with the pantone pens makes a lot of sense since often you're looking to match the wing to bottom colors. The beauty of the mobile wings is you can fish 'em static. Bones can drive you nuts sometimes, when they're "uncomfortable" for some unfathomable reason. At those times I find it helps to throw the rule book out of the window. Give the fish plenty of lead as you would for stripers on the flats and just let it sink and sit there at the mercy of the current. You'd be surprised how often a big bad bone will just swim up to your fly and inhale it

For 'Cuda, dont throw your favorite flies unless they're made of stout synthetics - I like ultra hair best. I've had great results with an over-grown surf candy style pattern about 7 - 8 inches long. Bucktail and most nutural materials get shredded on the first strike. Bozo hair doesn't do much better. Pattern seems to be a lot less important than presentation (sound familiar?). Getting 'em to chase is fairly easy but often they will follow you right to the boat (or your feet) and turn off as you run out of "arm". If they're playing that game, rip the fly away as if you're starting a back cast with a good haul. If they don't hit just drop it back on thier nose and rip it away again - you'll find if they want it you can't get it away from them fast enough and it drives em crazy

Your standard clouser selection willl work great on snappers etc. Just chuck it out over a rocky drop off, strip and hold on
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