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Nick - you lucky dog! Good luck down there and I think your Monomoy experience will be key. GregO's bonefishing oddysey made him have a sharp eye at Monomoy, let's see if the opposite is true for you.

My recommendation is to get the shrimp flyfur and a brown and gray pantone marker. Use the flyfur for the 'wing' and mottle it by dabbing it with the pantone markers.

I will post my keys shrimp pattern, which is probably already someone elses pattern but it's what I used with success down there.

Also - don't forget to bring some of your big striper flies to battle the cuda! American wire too. Also, bring a pair of stout forceps or pliers so you don't learn the hard way like I did! Er... ok I am thigh deep with a big angry barracuda... what do I do now?
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