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Hello all. New here.
I caught and released this fine German Brown today...right into my sink. We have many neo-fly fishermen who visit this area from all points of the country and pay $450.00 per day to have their fat azzes catered to by an outfitter with a drift boat. So many of these people believe that since they pay enormous sums to fish, they believe they have some monopoly on the waterway. I am a local here, and have been yelled at while taking my raft down the river, sightseeing with my wife, by some rollypolly a hundred feet behind me because he wanted to fish the area we were floating over. He said that we should move our boat to a different area. F all these guys. They give real fishermen a bad name. While they fight hundreds of trout to exhaustion in warm waters during one day, which results in around a 20% mortality rate, they mock bait fishermen who take one or two fish for table fare, maybe just a few times a month. Who's the "bad guy" here. The egocentric fat azzes need to stay home and beat their wives. BTW, don't insult them by calling their little "strike indicators"..."bobbers". No self-respecting fly fisherman uses bobbers! What a farce. These idiots are hard to differentiate from also, while they wear the same trout "costumes" which are chic at the moment. Trout fishing weebles having a lunch and wine under a pink umbrella. It is quite the sight. Please don't be one of "Those Guys".
Rant over. Time to gut my fish and eat the hell out of it.
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