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Originally Posted by jimS View Post
Bob, it appears to be a straight, non-taper sinking line, which is not bad. In fact, I was in Chile, early February, using a 5wt for trout with a level sinking line. It cast fine with a streamer.

As a sidebar, we use a lot of sinking shooting heads on the Cape that are level lines, eg LCD-13, T-14 etc. they work well. See you this Spring.
Hi Jim,

Nice to hear from you, as always.

What confuses me is that Scientific Anglers lists the taper specs for this particular line:

All-Purpose Sinking Taper
The original full sinking line (formerly Wet Cel™ Series)
More uniform sink rate, tip to belly
Especially effective for fishing streamers
Thin diameter casts well in wind
Taper Characteristics:
Superior casting over other sinking lines
Mid-length head for enhanced distance and control

Single-strand monofilament nylon (Type I – multifilament nylon)

PVC integrated with powdered tungsten, glass beads

Tip: .5'
Front Taper: 5'
Belly: 29'
Rear Taper: 8'
Running Line: 58'
Head Length: 42'
Total Length: 100'

I sent an e-mail to SA regarding this line last night but didn't hear from them today. I didn't get a chance to try casting it this afternoon. If it casts OK, the whole issue is moot, but I'd still feel a little cheated knowing that they provided all these fancy taper specifications and sold me a level line.

Speaking of feeling cheated... now I find out that while I was chilly in February, you were in Chile in February.

See you on the Cape,
PS: I pretty sure I ate chili in February...
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