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Originally Posted by Green Ghost View Post
The former wet cell Sci Anglers lines in sinking designs cut the wind very nicely. I have also never noticed ANY belly in these. They used to be called "level sink" lines and primarily were designed for lakes/still water. Not sure why you would want to stress a five weight with these, but that is your idea. They cast well, and go down at good rates with mending in moving water a plus, hope that is what you want in performance!

I do a bit of warmater panfishing in a local deep, clear lake. Many times, a sink tip just won't get my fly to where it needs to be. I know the sinking lines are heavy, but why would a 5-wt. line stress a 5-wt. rod; especially a stiff one (practically a 6-wt., really) like the one I have?

Anyway, it's a relief to hear that the line might not have a noticeable belly... I thought I received a manufacturing mistake!

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