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SA Professional Series full sinking line

I needed a heavy full-sinking line to add to my still water gear in 5-wt. I figured it won't get used a whole lot, so I chose one of Scientific Anglers mid-priced "Professional Series" lines (type VI).

I loaded it on a reel spool this evening. I attached the "THIS END TO REEL" end to my backing and started winding. I cranked and cranked (old,made-in-England Orvis Battenkill Mark III reel; not a large arbor), waiting to feel the belly of the line letting me know I was almost finished. I got to the tip end and never felt the belly.

I stripped off about fifteen feet of fly line from the reel and compared it to the tip. It looked the exact same diameter. I checked another ten feet back into the line. No difference. Thinking the little sticker labeling the reel end of the line might have been placed on the wrong end, and that I somehow wound the entire line on without feeling the belly go through my fingers, I emptied the spool. The line looks the same diameter through the whole 100' length.

I know sinking lines are a lot thinner than floaters, but shouldn't the line have a noticeable belly and front and rear tapers? I'll take it out in the snow tomorrow after work and cast it to see how it feels. (I just picked up one of the new TFO BVK Series in 5-wt and I really like it. I did some back-to-back casting comparisons with it and my old Orvis HLS and older Orvis Rocky Mt. five-weights and it was an EASY favorite.)

At the moment, I'm thinking I somehow got a hundred feet of sinking running line....

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