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Trip Report Eleuthera 3/7-3/13

Great weather. Hot, light to medium breeze.

This was a unique trip because I forgot my gear sling with both of my best fly boxes with all of my Charlies, Gotcha's, and Clousers, etc... Basically all of my bonefish flies.

The only flies I had in my flyrod case where for tarpon, barracuda and some crabs. One of the crabs was like a sort of like a puff with sili legs. That was the only fly I used.

Off to Bert's for the Best in Tarpum Bay to buy a childrens back pack for $12.00 for my gear. I had spare nippers, hemostats, leader and 8# tippet. All set for 5-6 days of fishing.

The unique part was fishing with one type of fly the entire week. I hooked up early at Savannah Sound with decent schoolie sized bones. Took some on my beach in N. Palmetto and even tried a new spot, Twin Coves, and was rewarded. Not to mention to the south of Tippy's. Beautiful waves. Between Twin Cove and south of Tippy's I felt like leaving the rod on the beacn and just swimming. Awesome conditions.

An overall nice trip and an interesting tactic using just one fly.

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