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I have not fished the PDC area. All of my Yucatan flats fishing has been in the Xcalak area 3 hours south of PDC. Not a place for a spouse unless looking for that end of the world feeling, but fantastic fishing. My biggest recommendation for a first time flats fisherman is to hire a guide. Besides where to fish, the hardest part is spotting the fish. Guides can do it amazingly well. There are fish in the surf, but the best opportunities come from the lagoons in the areas. Using Google Earth is a way to try to decipher where fish might hold, but it all looks different at ground level. There is plenty of info on Boca Paila in this and other blogs. I feel that will be hammered and fish spooky. But I will try when there.
If fishing off the beach in PDC area, 8 wts. with clousers, deceivers, and most shrimp or crab patterns should get you some ladyfish, jack, or there are always cuda around. I hear there are snook, bonefish, and the occasional fruit loop fed permit. I always bring sinking lines, but usually never vary from a floating line. The drive down to Ascension Bay is meant to be slow and bone jarring. There are good websites. DIY flatsfishing is a great site and Rod is very knowledgeable for that area. Split the $400 bucks for a guide. It will be more than worth it.
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