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Hello world!

My name is Sean and I am an avid hunter thanks to my grandfather. He was also a fly fishing enthusiast who loved the great outdoors. One of his final gifts to me after he passed was two fly fishing rods in his possession.

I know nothing of fly fishing and have always used a spin rod when we fished together. So, in my quest to become a fly fisherman I have a few questions hopefully someone can answer to help me get started.

First and foremost, the two rods I received are made by Lamiglas. The one I can remember at the moment is a Lamiglas im905. It is graphite and has a 5 line wt.. Now, my question is, how is this rod for beginners, what I can effectively fish with this in the eastern Alabama area and what would be a good reel to purchase for it?

Secondly, what is the monetary value of the rod in question?

Third, what else should I invest in as a beginner?

Thank all of you in advance and I hope to grow and learn a great deal by surfing these forums!

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