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Echo 3 report

Just returned from Christmas Island on a trip where several of us targeted Trevally for the week. My primary Trevally rod for this trip was an Echo 3 12 wt., with an Echo 2 12 wt. as back up. Several of us spent the majority of the week sight and blind casting for Trevally using 3/0 and 4/0 Puglissi-style Milkfish patterns and poppers. The rod performed quite well even when we encountered strong winds. The Echo 3 is noticeably lighter than my Echo 2 and easier to cast, yet still retaining the backbone needed to cast large flies and handle Trevally. I tested some of the top-end Sage, Winston and Scott saltwater rods before deciding on the Echo 3. It was difficult to justify spending twice as much for rods with only slight differences in their casting performance from the Echo 3.

As an aside, I used an Echo 3 10 wt. for a week in Belize last winter fishing for Tarpon and Snook in the mangroves. This required continuous target casting throughout the day. The rod performed quite well as we made repeated casts into pockets, channel mouths and under-hangs while the guides polled us along the mangroves. We had to make fast accurate casts and the rod performed as expected.
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