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Thumbs down What is your favorite hook for Bonefish flies?

I have decided it is time to change hooks for Bonefish patterns (at least my smaller flies). What hooks and model do you use and rely on? I am curious if there is any consensus on the best Bonefish fly hooks.

I have used Dai Riki model 930 hooks for my Bonefish flies for years and have caught numerous Bones on them. Dai Riki hooks are reasonably strong and not too expensive. However, on a recent trip to Christmas Island I noticed the size 6 hooks bent on some of the relatively larger fish, while the size 4 hooks were less prone to bending, some still deformed. I checked the drag setting and also had the guides do the same, so I could rule out too heavy a drag setting. My guess is the smaller wire diameter, quality and tempering in the Dai Riki size 6 hooks leads to a hook prone to bending. I need to tie my Bonefish flies on hooks I know will hold up.
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