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While it has been a few years, the out islands of the Bahamas come to mind. My wife and I have been to Eleuthera and it offers lots of white sand beaches as well as DIY opportunities for bonefish. You can also blind cast bait fish patterns on the ocean side beaches and catch grouper, etc. Certain beaches also have schools of bones with some being quite large. Local guides such as Paul Petty can take you out for a day of guided fishing that will get you to areas that are difficult to access on foot.

For your budget you could probably look at renting a house there for the week. I would recommend having a rental car on Eleuthera so you can explore. The area around Governors Harbour has a fair amount of places to each such as Tippy's, Mate & Jennies, etc.

As it is relatively easy for DIY, some of the more popular flats have bones that are well educated and will drive you nuts. With that said, an open mind and exploration and you can find some good fishing along with some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. Hope this helps.
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