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I've done quite a bit of canoe fishing on the Restigouche and Matapedia Rivers. It takes a little modification, but speycasting is possible from the middle and the back (actually the front) of these canoes. I avoided the long rods and used mostly short speyrods which were often referred to as boat rods. I haven't done this since the switch rod became so popular, so I just used 11 1/2' to 12 1/2' speyrods. I fished scandi heads, almost always floating with perhaps an intermediate polyleader. Remember, that any cast that comes from an anchorpoint is a speycast and that can be done in a canoe. It might take a little experimenting to determine what would work for you. Sometimes when I was reaching a long way out I'd end up doing an overhead cast, but for anything less than maximum distance, a speycast worked fine, and I only rarely hooked anyone in the canoe, and when I did it was often me (or even more often the anchor rope!)
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