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Finally have a Boat for the Cape (Cod)

Just picked up a 1986 Hobie Power Skiff. I've been eying one of these for about a year. I took it out with the family into Boston Harbor and was very pleased how well it handled VERY big chop (from the ridiculous amount of boat traffic). My next outing is down on the Cape. Hopefully next weekend. I don't want to give away any secrets but I am going to put it in the water (I think many of you already know where the water is so I am not giving way any secrets) and then go look for fish! :-)
I am busy cleaning up the hull, rewiring and relocating the battery and fuel tanks to make it more fly fishing friendly. It has a very shallow (8") draft but right now it has a 1972 Johnson outboard without power tilt so I am not planning on heading into really skinny water until I replace the engine.

I will post a non descriptive report when I return.


Here is a link to the Photo page:

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