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Wow! I have not revisited this post since shortly after I posted it. Guess I should have to protect my good name. I don't recognized many of the posters but I can say that I have posted on this forum for several years. During that time I have learned about possible fishing spots on the cape from others (thank you Juro and others) and have shared my thoughts as well. Anyone who fishing the Cape regularly (which I don't count myself as one, just two or three times a year) knows about Hardings beach area, Monomoy, Brewster, Pleasant Bay, Cape Cod canal. I never mentioned where I parked or exactly where I fished. I am pretty sure I did not violate anyone's fishing trust.
It never ceases to amaze me that on one hand we need new people in our sport so that the manufactures and stores can continue to stay in business but on the other hand few people are willing to take the tell to help others learn the ropes and that includes pointing them in the right direction for fishing locations. The ocean is a vast desert with small pockets of fish habitat. If someone only goes down to the cape a time or two a year it is hard to figure out where to go on your own. Every year a take a bunch of new people to the Salmon River in NY with the hopes on hooking (no pun intended) on fly fishing. The last thing that river needs is more people but it is a great way to get a non fisherman in to the sport. Because of that I have have several friends who have become passionate fisherman. They buy waders, rods, flies, reels and lines. They now bring their kids and our sport which I have passionately been a part of for nearly 50 years continues for another generation.

Sorry for the rant but I though the criticisms in this case were unfair.

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