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So the responses so far have been for specific vises and to take lessons or hang out with other tiers. I agree - you will learn more and faster hanging out with other tiers. Regarding vises, I also agree, but would add that you should look at products from Griffin, made in USA with excellent steel jaws even thought some of their designs are not sleek they are reasonably priced and strong.

As far as the other bit about starting tying - DON'T get at kit. The materials are usually junk. If you are fishing for trout you can get by with the top 10 or 12 most popular and useful flies, in a range of 3 sizes each (12, 14, and 16). Most of the materials for these flies can be used for more than one pattern (ie peacock herl).
DON'T buy the next perfect material for the next perfect fly in some magazine - you really don't need it. Buy only what you need for the flies you will use in your area - for those top 10 flies.
This will include hare's mask and dubbing, peacock herl, pheasant tail feathers, copper wire, silver tinsel (ribbing), bucktail, deer body hair, silver mylar wrap, partridge soft hackle, ginger/brown and grizzly (white and black barred) dry fly hackle, white marabou.
You will only need about 4 thread colours (size 6), black, brown, light olive/yellow and bright red.
You can tie about 30 different patterns with this small collection and catch everything from trout to bass (size 10, 8, 6) if you have the correct size of hook for the fly.
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