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Clear Tropical Lines.

Hi Folks.

Off to the Bahamas later this year, Grand Bahama and Eleuthera. Been there a couple of times in the past and had varying success on the Bonefish.

Just wondering if anyone has used the Monic Tropical Clear fly lines and any tips that you had. Though I do my utmost not to spook the fish there are always going to be days when the fish are very wary, in particular in Eleuthera from previous experience and want to limit even more spooked fish.

Even though as I said I do all I can to use stealth both on approach and delivery of the fly I still manage to spook several fish, OK, my casting at times looks as though I'm drunk and occasionally my approach means me falling on my backside but was just wondering if these clear lines are really worth the trouble.

I've read several reviews and for many tournament anglers they seem to be the way to go (by the way, I'm no where near as good as tournament anglers

Any help and advice would be appreciated.
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