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Hi Guys,

Sorry for my non ability to post pictures of the boat now that we are in France.

Everything is going well and we will start sea trials later this week. I will give you this code to view on youtube RC Louise when she was launched the other day. We are in Brittany, France in a town called Treguier. In the vid you will see she really is the perfect flats boat for fishing anyway until the mast went on. Now she is the perfect flats boat to anchor in the Bahamas as she only draws 1 meter when the centerboard is up. Go to youtube and type in 00001Lancement RC LOUISE you should come up with the video. Maybe someone else knows how to post the right thing to get it up automatically.

By the way they got some great sport fishing over here, some type of Bass that cruises the rocks, tidal rivers and beaches. I'm sure they can be caught on a fly.

Steve and Tracy
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