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Glad you found this Forum. You're right, though, things have been very slow. We're still kickin' and posts such as yours keep us going.

Fishing for pan fish in small lakes is a great way to learn fly-fishing, as you'll be rewarded with the odd take as opposed to the demands of trying to catch selective trout, which is a very tough way to start your fly-fishing career.

You might try fooling around with small poppers. Most panfish like them, as do bass, and the surface action is very stimulating. Cast the poppers into likely openings in weed beds (which helps with accuracy). No need to go long -- thirty feet into the right spot (or twenty, for that matter) will get you rises and hookups.

And it's the action that will keep you at it as you improve your casting and fishing skills.

You'll find that as opposed to spin-gear, with poppers you can fish places that would foul you were you spinning. Pan fish (and bass) love structure and you can explore and probe spots (and, incidentally, catch fish) where you couldn't before.

I cut my fly-fishing teeth on Bluegill. I still love to fish for them, even though I live in Steelhead country.

Welcome to the Forum. This is a very general answer to your questions. If you have more specific questions or need more explanation, please ask. We're here to serve.


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