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Three salt water setups. All are 9.5 tip flex.

Orvis TLS 8 weight w/Orvis Large Arbor IV & Orvis Striper Intermediate plus a spare spool with same line. Old setup but casts great. Reels should always have spools removed when storing so they won't stick together.

Orvis ZG Helios 8 weight w/Orvis Large Arbor IV with Orvis Bonefish plus spare spool with same line.

Orvis Zero Gravity 10 weight with Orvis VO2 V with Orvis Tarpon line plus spare spool with Orvis Intermediate line.

Fresh Water.
Orvis Helios 2 5 weight 9.5 tip flex with Orvis CFO reel & Orvis Trout 5WWF line. Love this setup. Feather light and casts nicely. Also love the sound of the reel for what that's worth.

I didn't know much about fly fishing but met some very helpful folks at the Orvis shop in Fanueil Hall in Boston so I went there a lot. I have no experience with any other maker of reels or rods. The Abels and Tibors look nice though. Might go there if I need a replacement.

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