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Spot Burning

Quinn, it was a nice report and I am glad you had some good outings and caught fish. However please take Big Dave"s advice and keep your locations to general area descriptions such as Sandwich, Buzzards bay etc.

You will be doing yourself and others a big favor. If you go onto a site and ask about places to go fishing and in the same breath you mention specific locations that you just fished you honestly can not expect to get much in the way of responses, especially if for example I see that you just posted one of the places I may fish regularly.

I can see that people concurred it was a nice report, the one that bothered me was a Fly Shop from California concurring about Spot Burning, especially since it is only their second post, Good way to drum up business.. Fortunately they are on the west coast so they won't have to worry about getting my business, especially since I support my local shop the Bears Den which is in my opinion one of the best fly shops on the east coast and I have been to quit a few.
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