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Originally Posted by quinn_canfield View Post
Just got back from two days on the Cape. A week ago I post with a question about where to go. I mentioned Stage Harbor, Hardinng Beach, Skaket. We ended up fishing Pleasant Bay (to get out of the wind), Hardings and Brewster flats.
The weather Monday was poor. Wind and heavy rain but we did manage to catch quite a few fish. Hardings was almost unfishable due to high winds and lots of junk in the water. Next we headed Pleasant Bay (Strong Island area) and found schoolies. We stayed there killing time until a couple hours into the falling tide on Brewster flat. I've never been there before but we met up with a guy from Germany who is a regular and he showed us the ropes. The place was awesome! Found lots of fish. Everything from fish so small I could believe that the big boys did not eat them up to mid 30" range. Some sight fishing but mostly blind casting due to the weather.
We went back on Tuesday for the afternoon low tide and again found lots of fish everywhere. This time the sun was out and it was more of a sight casting game. Great stuff.
I am not sure how far into the summer Brewster fishes until the water gets too warm but I can't believe I've fish the Cape for 10 years and never went there.
Special thanks for Ralph from Germany and Melvin (hope I have his name right) for rescuing us when we has a little canoe "incident" heading out to the sand bars. We rewarded Ralph for his excellent "guiding" by taking him out for a swim on Brewster flats!

Nice report

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