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Little more thought (Reg changes too) on this topic.

Much of Washington State/BC (fresh and salt) is C & R for unclipped Hatchery fish. All the fins, and back he goes. With little exception the case in Oregon (don't know about California).

Period, no vote. Here on the Rouge it's clipped fish only save for you can keep up to 5 during the 'winter.' Or what we call winter (woozies love it here). Spring run Kings (end of run now) are all Hatchery fish ... enjoy your dinner.

The one odd off river (that I can think of) is the Chetco in SW Oregon. Game department does a regular netting of the winter runs and take the fish up the the Hatchery on the Sixes (or Elk, can't remember) and does the 'egg/sperm' thing. As 90++ percent of the fish came out of the Hatchery (all from Natives) there's really no point in doing a fin clip.

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