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In search of an upgrade; expertise needed

Hello all! I am a relatively new fly fisherman. I began fishing around 2-3 years ago. My main quarry is trout in tight-quarters WV streams, although I occasionally pursue bass and panfish. Until this point, I have been using a 8'6 #5 White River Hobbs Creek rod and reel combo from BPS. I have been quite pleased by this setup, but look to improve upon this with a new rod and reel. I am looking to spend $150-$200 for the rod and something like that for the reel. in total, I look to stay UNDER $350 for the whole setup. My two candidates to this point have been the TFO Professional II rod in 8'6 #4 ($149)...
...and the Cabela's LSi, also in 8'6 #4 ($189)
If anyone has knowledge of these rods, I would like to know. I like the LSi because of the looks and from what I have heard of the performance. Although the looks of the TFO are slightly less pleasing to me, I have heard it is a phenomenal rod and the lifetime warranty is reassuring. As to reels, I have considered the Lambson Konic II
but haven't put much thought to it. Any help or suggestions outside of my options shown here are more than welcome and appreciated. Thanks much!

EDIT: I apologize, I realized after posting that this is in the incorrect category in this forum. This is a mistake on part of me being unfamiliar with this forum. My apologies.

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