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I just got back from two weeks fishing tarpon in Islamorada. I almost answered your initial post by saying do not bother if it is DIY. Fishing there has been tough this year due to weather and low water temps. However, when the weather cooperates the fishing can be superb. For instance, on Monday, May 6 we hooked fifteen tarpon, all by sight fighting on the flats. That was a superb day weather wise and the water temp was in the eighties very early in the morning. You may have had a great time in Key West, but DIY is even tougher there, especially if you do not have access to a yak. I never recommend anyone attempt the Keys DIY. Many do it anyway, but the few locations that have accessible water are usually crowded, with fisherman, swimmers, and the like. You really need to use a guide to be successful. Also, bonefishing has been tough around there the last few years, but there are fish around and we saw several the one day we did not pursue tarpon. They are tough to catch, in many ways as tough as permit, but what you do catch averages considerably more weight than those caught most everywhere else. I have done tarpon there almost every year since 1986. Trust me when I tell you I would have given up a long time ago if there were no fish around.
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