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Hey Juro and Fred,

We were going to come to the cape to the cottage but Tracy's brother rented it out, Idiot! We will be in Boston area last week of June but not sure we will get to the cape now. Leaving Boston July first for Brittany, we have rented an old 17th century farm house for 3 weeks till we can move on the boat and start sea trials.

Sorry I can't go fishing with you guys on the cape or at least I don't think I can. But over in Treguier the town the boat is being built they have some type of bass screaming around on the tide chasing bait. They are all silver and look to go about 10 pounds or so. I'll give them a try, I need to find out what they are.
Keep in touch and I'll send our blog once we get it going.
Here is the boat builder web page. click on gallery at top to see the boat, Youtube has some vids also by typing in Boreal 44. There is one of the boats being built that is OK.


Steve and Tracy
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