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Aftermath of the trip

There are no Bonefish or Tarpon in Islamorada. We talked to locals and guides and no one has seen or caught Bonefish there in a long while. Several years since consistent bones have been caught.

Tarpon in Islamorada are a tease. We saw plenty of skiffs lined up and waiting for Tarpon, did not see a single hook up the whole time. Very few fish were even rolling at the surface. We saw plenty in Robbies Marina getting fed by tourists. The only hits we got were around 7:30 pm at night on a falling tide about 100 yds from Robbies in the channel as the fish were leaving there easy feeding grounds for the day and heading back to sea or deeper into the channels.

All we saw and caught consistently were barracuda and small bonet head and black tip reef sharks. We managed to catch a few larger mangrove snapper and a 10-12lb Jack.

Islamorada was a joke of a fishing spot, especaially for the fly fisher. Should have gone to Key West.
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