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My limited experience in saltwater sight fishing has left me with 2 things:
1. before the hook-up - it's as fun as trying to seduce trout into taking my fly.
2. after the hook-up - What the heck did I do to get them to take my fly!?

"Prospecting for trout" is a great tool for learning how-to-fish-when. Applying the proper technique at the right time is the key and if I could get funding to support the research I could write a proper review...

...or with my current resume, I am overly qualified to write a what-not-to-do-at-any-time-while-fishing book but it might prevent a lot of newbies having the great times I have had because of this great past-time (pass money, pass up sleep, pass nobody at stupid o'clock in the AM...)

great topic Roop
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