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RE:Sky Morning Blues

Hey Sinktip,

Thanks for the report! I couldn't get out this morning - worked late last nite - and was glad somebody was out testing the waters.

The Sky looks like it's crested from this last rainfall. I was hoping for a little more, but guess we'll have to be happy with what we got.

Keep the faith - I'm planning to get out in the next few and will also post my results.

BTW - anybody have a guess as to why so many suckers are snagged on steelhead flys? Tyler got 2 in the Two Bit Riffle in mid February, too, and even hooked one in the mouth. I can't imagine that they're actually trying to eat the fly - maybe they're slapping at it with their tails? Are there really that many immobile suckers on the bottom of these steelhead runs that we just snag them as the fly swings through?
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