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Originally Posted by juro View Post
We should be utterly disgusted with farmed salmon, not just because of the exotic viruses evolving from European brood that are killing wild American salmon; not just because of the parasite explosions, aquatic pesticides, excessive antibiotic use, genetic tampering, contaminants, effluent wastes and rampant disease - but because big business prioritizes corporate profits without concern for any of these risks while an ambivalent public gobbles it up.
We should be disgusted with these businesses and the government officials they buy out, but even more so we should be disgusted with ourselves for putting it in our mouths and swallowing it, because if we stop doing that the problem would be solved in one or two accounting cycles. .02
The only farmed salmon I eat is Ducktrap Smoked Salmon trim ( also the only salmon I eat) I do not buy any farmed fish otherwise.
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