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This fish felt like my largest of the day and I was determined not to lose it to another sub-par hook set. I waited a few more seconds and really drove it home. It must have gotten the fishís attention because this large blue shot straight up, out of the water, tail walking like a tarpon. After a couple more surface jumps and crashes I had the largest fish Iíve ever landed on a fly rod. It was the perfect way to end a very eventful day. After a picture with my fish Roop, Mike and I headed for the Squire for an early lunch.

I apologize for the length of my report. I had such a great day that itís hard to limit the number of words I need to express it. I hope all that read it find the time they invested was worth it in the end. I certainly enjoyed typing and sharing it as much as the actual experience itself. I want to thank Roop for unselfishly steering me towards productive spots and getting me into fish. As always, it was a pleasure to fish with Pete as well. I look forward to fishing with you both again some time soon. The memories of this day on the water with Pete, Roop and most importantly my little broí will easily carry me through the off season.

~Mark Doogue
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