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Alright, Mike's post has prompted me to include the long winded account of my Saturday on the water. I'll break it into sections to thwart the 4098 character rule.

Here goes, it's your last chance to turn back:

As luck would have it, my first real blitz ever was an epic one. It started as a pre-pre-dawn meeting with Roop + a bonus appearance by Pete Gray. We all headed out into the foggy darkness in search of mine, as well as my brother Mike's first legit keeper bass on a fly rod. Our mission, though partially accomplished, became secondary to a monumental feeding frenzy that left us in an euphoric daze for the rest of the day. But I'm getting ahead of myself..........

We reached our intended destination and set about finding and coaxing large cows to take our offerings. Not unexpectedly, Roop was into fish on what I believe was his first cast (if it wasn't his first it was surely his second). We paused here, momentarily, to wet a line and then we were off to the flats. We wandered purposefully from spot to spot with intermittent hook-ups. Roop landed a few more, my brother and Pete got one or two each, and I still had the skunk on my back. None of the fish were monsters, but they were blonde, beautiful fish none the less.

Eventually we waded back towards our original position to work a drop off that looked fishy. I finally hooked up with a decent fish but the darn thing turned and ran right at me. Roop is yelling, "strip, Strip, STRIP!!!" and I'm doing my best to oblige him. I couldn't keep the line tight so the fish easily threw the hook. After a few more minutes Pete and Mike went in one direction while Roop guided me off in another, across a shallow channel. We waded out onto some bars and got back to fishin’. I hooked up fairly quickly and finally landed my first of the day, roughly a 22 incher. After that I had one fish after another get off due to poor hook sets if I had to hazard a guess. Note to self; work on that the next chance I get. We fished for a while out on those bars and finally it happened, a double hook up!! Roop was on first and then I felt the tug on my line and set the hook. We were laughing, trying to keep our fish from becoming tangled together because they were…….. awfully……….. close? That is when we realized, just as Roop was landing his fish, that mine was HIS fish too!!! While he was fighting his fish I had managed to gut hook it as well. We set that poor, outnumbered fish loose and I was credited with an assist on the catch.

Right about then we started talking about the possibility of having to swim back to our original spot if we waited too long. Roop got that kid in a candy store look in his eyes and said, “O.K., three more casts and we head back.” What the hell, I thought. That turned into five more, and five more…..until the waves were hitting me in the back, just under the top of my waders. We had a lot of hook ups, including one where Roop was dragging his fly behind him as he moved from spot to spot, but it was time to leave this location! We waded back and found a shallow path to cross the channel. Why leave yet if it’s going to be this easy. Five more casts?………and we were at it again. That is when the skies opened up. It rained so hard that the ocean seemed to be boiling all around us. I joked that, at least for the moment; I wouldn’t have to worry about my presentation. If it hadn’t rained like that I firmly believe Roop and I would still be out there, treading water and babbling, “five more casts?”

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