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My brother and I turn down a dark, foggy road and find Roop getting his gear together on the shores of Pleasant Bay. The three of us prepare to head out onto the water when we see some headlights in the distance. A mammoth profile appears out of the darkness and at that point we know that it is Solo's truck. Awesome. We have a fourth.

In the morning, as Roop later put it, the fishing was "slow". He only picked up half a dozen fat schoolies - to a mere handful of fish for the rest of our crew. Poor guy. After the sun was up for a few hours we started to fish one little flat with a guzzle pouring out onto it. At that point, we all picked up mid-twenties schoolies as balls of sandeels and bunker passed by our submerged legs.

At one point, I found a nice hole with some deeper water on the down current side of a sandbar and I started to fish it. After 15 casts or so I decided that with all of the bait getting washed into this hole it just had to be holding fish. On the next cast I counted to 45 before stripping the fly - effectively allowing my 350 grain to probe the depths of the ocean. Strip, strip BANG. Nice schoolie. Next cast, same outcome only I lost the fish. I took 4 or 5 fish from the hole (including a personal best 31" fish - measured and released). That was a blast and it was the first time that I actually proved to myself - with factual evidence - that the swing is the go to technique when fishing deep holes.

After that nice keeper the rain came down in buckets. I stripped off my gear and threw on my raincoat, despite the fact that the 10 seconds of torrential rain had already soaked me. I waded over to Roop and my brother and we talked about the merits of staying where we were or going to South Beach with the rest of the Forum posse. We decided to stay, and I am so glad that we did. We extracted a few more fish from my honey hole and then Roop noticed a football field size maelstrom of busting birds on the horizon. We watched the carnage from a distance and only wished that this type of blitz would come our way. To make a long story short, this blitz came right to us eventually engulfing us as we stood there in amazement. The display was epic. At one point we were just surrounded by cow stripers and massive blues. You only had to cast 10 feet to hook up. I wish I had an audio tape of our reaction to the blitz. Lots of incredulous shouts and wild hoots and shocked Holy $#!^$s. It was awesome - despite the fact that we did not have time to tie on wire and the blues kept stealing our flies. Many thanks to Roop for donating some flies to my cause since I had none of my gear in my raincoat. After 15 minutes of blitz action the activity slowed. Soon thereafter my heartbeat resumed to its normal rate. I did not land any of the cow stripers in the school (too many blues) but I saw them up close and personal. At one point, as I lifted my fly from the water on a back cast, a cow bass tried to engulf my fly. I practically could have lipped his open mouth when he came out of the water. It was incredible.

After the blitz we located a few more fish to end the day. The highlight of my day was watching my brother hook a HUGE blue. That monster was around 12 pounds or so and it tail walked like a tarpon when first hooked. Mark landed that fish, released it, and we called it a day.

After all of the activity we went to Squires, had a beer and some much needed food, and parted ways.

Many thanks to Roop, Mark and Pete for an awesome day. It was also nice to meet Peter and Jason, 2 great guys that I hope to see posting on this board in the near future.

I was sorry that we did not meet up with the rest of the Forum posse and I hope that you all had a great time at South Beach.

Roop, I agree. We all need to get together and repeat the trip. Pete, we missed you during the carnage. Phooey.


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