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A great day

Had the honor of fishing with Mark & Mike Doogue & Pete Saturday. Picked up fish throughout the morning, working a tidal area, all on the Real Eel fished deep.

It began to feel like I was a kid again as Mark, Mike & I decided to stay out past curfew for the area, through some pretty heavy rain, because we were having so much fun with these fish. As the weather let up we anxiously watched a blitz over a mile a way get closer & closer.

It was just one of those super-fun experiences when you can't believe you're actually in the right place at the right time. We were laughing & yelling as a HUGE school of stripers swam right thorugh us. Birds & fish were everywhere - it felt a little weird having all those birds flying around you, big fish blowing by your legs, a risig tide pushing you around - I could barely cast I was so excited.

We all landed stripers, someone might have landed a gull, another blitz had worked it's way into us. We hook up and painfully realized we were into BIG bluefish & we weren't rigged for them. I actually was actually thinking I have a chance to land mine when he breaks me off - I was down to a 25# mono section of my leader.

It continued, it was fun. Sorry to run on.

Go fish - have fun.

Thanks Mark & Mike for lunch - Doogue's & Pete we gotta repeat the whole day again soon!!.

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