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Sky Morning Blues

Well the C&R started this a.m. on the Skykomish and I headed out before work to chase natives and win Juro's flies. Hit the water about 6:30 and started swinging a 1/0 purple spider through some good first light water. I was armed with a friend's promising report and that "feeling" that you sometimes get that means FISH!

After working through the first run with no sign of fish, I pulled out and headed upriver to a section that has always treated me well. Two casts in and the line stops. I lift the rod tip and feel fish on the other end. As soon as I set the hook, I can tell that on the end of my line is not the regal steelhead but the lowly sucker. A few minutes later the culprit is swimming free and I am casting again. Ten minutes go by and then again, the line stops and I raise into a fish. This time the line starts peeling off the Teton and I am thinking STEELHEAD for sure. Then the fish stops its brief run and once again I sense the presense of the lowly but large sucker. Two in one day is more than anyone deserves.

I did manage a good yank on the hang down my second time through the lower run but no hookup and the fish would not come back. I reeled in and headed to work. God I love Spring.

Duggan Harman
Bothell, WA
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