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West Wall RI

To all you would be wanatbee Rhody Claver's

Sunday was a perfect day for west waller's. The tide crested at 7:11 am., with a sunrise at 6:25. Tunnies tend to appear and get active an hour after sun rise. A dropping tide was right. All the ingredients for a successful day.

There had to be 50 rodders lining the wall with their dish pans. Most of them spread out in the middle section of the wall. All facing west in their annual pilgrimage to honor the fish gods and catch a few missiles. As the tide started to recede, the place went "electric." False albacore started to appear breaking the surface tension of the gently lapping waves. At first the action started in the inward section of the wall. Then in a domino type fashion, the next angler ocean side, would have his chances. The entire wall had front row seats. The false albacore make their encore and kept on going and going like the Everready Bunny. As one angler put it, "Like a Sean Sully punch line of a joke that gets told again and again."

To catch a tuniod from shore is not an easy feat. Many of us know the statistics. A great amount of time, skill and luck plays a part, even if you still use a Capt. Ray Angel Hair Fly. But for some reason, Sunday seemed blessed. Perhaps in the after math of last week's tragedies, we were given a break. Catching an albie seemed just too easy for a change. There were a lot of fisherman who forefilled their dream that day. I'm sure the memoires will be lasting, just like so many from last week. The tide was high making it easy to get your cast into the brine. Also for retrieving and releasing fish. No one seem to go home without a thrill. My client caught his first one also.

On the return trip (by boat), going through the breakwall at Galilee, I noticed all the cars parked on the Jerusalem side of the wall. I had thought to my self, how lucky we are, we don't have the same parking conditions like Chatham. I thought of the striblue's and the Juro's of the world who have a hard time accessing their favorite fishing locations. Other people with limitations. But most of all, the images of others in this society, I just could not shake.

The next three weeks should be prime time along the southern coast of RI. Food for thought in choosing a clave date.
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