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Avg bones: T&T H2 4pc 7wt with Dannielson 6nine, SA bonefish and lots and lots of backing. I love this rod in the Bahamas.

Bigger bones: Sage Rplxi 8wt 5pc with Dannielson HD 710, SA bonefish and even more backing. This rod has done a lot for me over the years, and it's so compact in the OEM travel case.

They both come along, one in the luggage and one over the shoulder which never gets questioned at the security gate as a carry-on probably because of the official looking blue fabric travel case w/ reel and a few flies 'accidentally' thrown into the inside just in case of a baggage glitch.

My experience in bonefishing is it's the other stuff that can make or break your trip... shoes, socks inside them; sunglasses and garments; means of carrying gear like chestpacks, backpacks and slings; camelback water supply; etc etc etc
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